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We receive numerous service calls for refrigerator repair in Barrhaven, ON. There is a good reason why people experience more problems with their fridge than most appliances. Refrigerators are an extremely hard working kitchen appliance. Every unit is designed to maintain an ideal temperature that will keep food fresh. Appliance Repair Barrhaven provides refrigerator repair quickly and we always do the job right. No one provides fridge repairs service in our community as effectively as we do.Refrigerator Repair

We service almost all makes and models of brand name refrigerator products. Our techs carry a variety of quality parts that can be used for replacement purposes during the repair process. The fridge runs almost constantly. It will run until the ideal preset temperature has been achieved and then it will stop cooling until the air inside the unit rises above the preset temperature and then it will kick in again. If the door seals and hinges are bad and cool air is leaking out of the unit; it may run continuously without shutting off at all.

At Barrhaven Appliance Repair we understand that if fridge never turns off your energy bill is going to skyrocket. In some cases there is not a leak at all, but the thermostat is bad. We carry a great deal of hinges, seals, and thermostats on our truck at all times. Our experts will fix many different types of fridges including bottom mount fridges, top mount fridges, side-by-side refrigerators, and French-door fridges. The designs may be different, but the basic operation is the same. We will fix all of these models quickly and accurately.

We have years of experience repairing refrigerators for homes in Barrhaven, ON. Our specialists respond rapidly to address repair needs at a price our customer base finds quite reasonable. Get in contact with Appliance Repair Barrhaven for repair service you can trust.

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